A Dash of Pepper: Family-Owned Business Branding

Blog by Henrietta Pepper

Welcome to “A Dash of Pepper”, the pepper group’s all-new, all-about powerhouse branding blog.  It’s our enlightening-in-a-nutshell take on the what/when/how/where/why of big, bold, best-practice branding.  As we always strive to break new ground for the diverse needs of our clientele, we thought it was about time to take you along for the ride with a heads-up on an assortment of interesting and informative topics – and the practices – we employ.

Meet the EcoTech Team (Bryan and Bob) at the launch of the 10,000 trees program. For a sample of our work with this family owned business: http://pepperltd.com/case-studies/ecotech/


First up for Installment 1, Family-Owned Business Branding. As we know from years of experience working with family businesses, family-owned businesses resonate with consumers because the majority of them adhere to the standards they apply to their personal lives.  And nothing makes a consumer feel a stronger bond with a brand than the feeling that its product and/or service – and the behind-the-scenes operation of that product and/or service – is in sync with their own values. Today’s savvy consumers know that family-owned businesses are more likely to nurture the business as they would their own families and treat their associates as they would a member of the family, ultimately providing a product or service that is sure to please everyone.

The following are a few tips we firmly believe will take family-owned business branding to breakthrough levels.


Engage with the community through company-sponsored philanthropic programs. Whether art and culture,   health and human services, civic and community outreach, education; the environment, or volunteerism, philanthropy is a wonderful means to involve company associates, as well as extend the DNA of a family-owned business.  It has the power to touch the lives of many and is an employee morale-booster that will enhance camaraderie and instill pride within the organization. We guarantee that family-owned business associates will respond positively and give back generously to the community they serve.


We say tap into that tradition and don’t be shy about trumpeting your heritage.  Family-owned companies resonate with consumers because they stand for something solid – the family – plus, there is an inherent personal identity typically associated with the organization’s name.  These built-in branding attributes are virtual gold mines for family-owned businesses and should be touted loud and clear.  Championing these traits can positively influence consumer habits as the public often perceives family-owned businesses as successful, pillars of the community, instilling trust and reassuring consumers they are purchasing from a credible, venerable organization.


The management of a family-owned business is inclined to be a bit more daring and enterprising. As the founders and visionaries, they are the gatekeepers for the products and/or services they offer, as well as their branding initiatives.  Unlike many major companies and corporations focused on short-term efforts to boost the bottom line, we encourage family-owned businesses to embrace the importance of an enduring, effective branding strategy with long-term vision, mimicking their long-term business strategy. This vision doesn’t flip flop with revenue blips; it’s about being in it for the long haul, as reflected in branding strategies that immediately identify who you are and what you stand for, a cornerstone of client relationship-building.

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