Refining: BCustomerCentric

Welcome to the second installment of our 5-part series that’s all about the art of Business to Business Branding, one which requires a very distinct palette to create what we’re addressing today, a ‘customer centric’ strategic canvas that employs #2 on tpg’s “5 R’s of B2B Branding” list below:

1)     Re-envisioning

2)     Refining

3)     Resonating

4)     Re-energizing

5)     Reevaluating 

The four steps that follow are a mini roadmap to help with Refining your focus on your business’s customer experience.  We won’t fool you; it takes time and is often tough to find your footing for the creation and execution of an indelible customer-centric initiative, but by using the techniques and tips we put forth here, you’ll likely find a unique, untapped niche to make your very own.

Step 1:  Embrace the Experience.

You all know that a company is nothing without its customers. You also know that an excellent – no, make that exceptional ̶ customer experience is the be-all end-all for any organization. Yet this knowledge is for naught until you accept that even the most engaging experience will fall flat unless you actually embrace a strategy for superior customer satisfaction. Embrace a business climate that is completely customer-centric, an environment whose edict is that the customer comes first.  First for each and every branding concept and component.  First for defining your business methods for today and establishing those that will lead to growth for your future.  And first for the fulfillment of positive financial results.

Step 2:  Invest in the Experience.

The smartest companies out there invest in customer-centric strategies now, today, immediately, especially during this ever-changing, ever-challenging economic climate; a business climate that becomes more and more competitive as the days, weeks and years pass. Can you afford not to invest, to sit back, make it business as usual, and be left behind? We didn’t think so. Loosen up the purse strings and invest your resources, both capital and creative, to attain off the charts customer satisfaction.  Create offers and programs that captivate customers, engage them and make for a memorable experience.  Demonstrate that customers matter with initiatives that illustrate how much you care. Give these customer satisfaction investment strategies a go and we guarantee a payoff is in the picture.

Step 3:  Establish the Experience.

Establish a series of strategies for customer captivation that successfully addresses clients’ as-yet unmet needs for the ultimate experience.  To successfully attain this ultimate customer experience, our reco is the tactical triumvirate of “Define-Deliver-Delight”, our formula for acknowledgment-enhancing initiatives that includes, but is not limited to: More Customized Solutions; More Value-Added Services; More Personalized Solutions; More Comprehensive Solutions; Greater Speed in Delivering Solutions; More Simplified Solutions; A More Collaborative Experience; A More Engaging Web-Based Experience; and Emotionally Engaging Experiences.

Step 4:  Your To Do List

To Refine the focus on your customers, add these to your agenda and practice what we preach:

ü  Validate the current state of your customer experience

  • Review and evaluate Mystery Shopping Programs, Customer Intercepts, Focus Groups & Surveys, Customer IDIs, et al 

ü  Develop & Test Positioning

  • Concept Positioning Statements
  • Testing Methodology/Studies

ü  Develop Customer Experience Models

  • Bundling of Offerings
  • Customer Touchline
  • Cross-Functional Delivery

ü  Establish Metrics

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