Why Some Brands Rise to the Top

Let’s face it, there’s a million different brands intertwined with the world we live in. There’s those that are extremely successful and boast name recognition, those that few have heard of and some in the middle. With so many brands, it’s important to stand out and have value within the consumer world.Unknown-8

But how do those great brands rise to the top? What is the secret that makes some brands so insanely successful?

According to Forbes, there are seven top characteristics of successful brands:

  1. Audience Knowledge: It’s essential for brands to know the demographics of their target market– who are they trying to reach? Understanding the target market provides direction for campaigns and an overall understanding of who and what the brand is reaching for.
  2. Uniqueness: This is a given. This determines why a consumer chooses your brand over the competitors. What is your niche? What makes your brand stand out?
  3. Passion: Your passion will flow to consumers and those consumers become enthusiastic about your brand. This often leads to word-of-mouth marketing, which is critical in gaining trust and recognition.
  4. Consistency: Consumers expect to receive the same level of quality as they did the first time they interacted with your brand. It’s important for your brand to be reliable.
  5. Competitiveness: People who are within the brand’s culture must continually be looking for ways to improve and maintain a competitive edge. Being proactive can work toward the brand becoming cutting edge.
  6. Exposure: The brand must be able to reach its target market through multiple channels – whether that be media, social networks, etc …
  7. Leadership: Influential leaders standing behind a brand can make all the difference. There has to be someone who provides a vision and direction.

Brands are about more than just a logo. To really succeed, you have to dig deep. The brand’s team members have to know what that brand stands for – the vision, the mission statement, the tagline. A company culture can make or break a brand. A motivated team that’s on the same page moving toward the same goals can be a powerful force.

Building a brand is hard work, and rising to the top is even harder. It takes work. But by involving these characteristics, your brand could potentially have the power to propel forward.

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