Brooklawn Child & Family Services

A New-found Non-profit Awareness + Home Environment & Life Experience Enhancement for Children in Need

Brooklawn Child & Family Services

Business Challenge

Brooklawn Child & Family Services is a Louisville, Kentucky-based non-profit home for children who suffer the effects of abuse, neglect or other serious traumas.  The organization works with these children to help them overcome their troubled pasts and move on to a foster or adoptive home, or to reunite them with their biological families. Brooklawn currently serves over 100 children, ages 6-18.  With a myriad of changes and challenges facing the non-profit in 2012, the pepper group, ltd. went to work to help drive more awareness around Brooklawn, particularly with an eye toward consistent messaging; ways to improve campus “home life” for the children; and methods to allow the children to experience the world outside the Brooklawn campus, i.e., movies, libraries, sports activities, and so many other aspects of life that are integral to a child’s interpersonal and social development.


We instituted the development of the all-new “Help Make It Home” program which encompassed many aspects of the Brooklawn experience, from campus home improvement to monetary fund-raising efforts desperately necessary to make the aforementioned experience a reality.  the pepper group, ltd. created and integrated an all-encompassing strategy to promote “Help Make It Home” that included collateral materials, enhanced PR & Media Relations, a social media initiative, on-campus events, plus special fundraising events off campus.  In addition, we developed an aggressive communications strategy designed to raise awareness and interest to engage citizens and organizations to become involved as Brooklawn volunteers, donors, and sponsors.  Finally, we created a pro-bono WOW! 2011 Annual Report, a report that positively projects the faces of Brooklawn ‘heroes’ and is reinforced with solid financial data, and one that is now used as a powerful marketing tool as Brooklawn immerses itself further into the community and tells its story.


Brooklawn donor relations have significantly improved with funding development efforts meeting, and in some cases, exceeding goals.  There is much more activity on the campus that shines through with tremendous pride directly from the children, all relative to the repurposed home environment.  Additionally, Brooklawn’s visibility in the community has improved with an increase in earned media coverage as social media activity has simultaneously improved.  And, the WOW! 2011 Annual Report has been a homerun and is receiving accolades statewide.