How Colors Affect Your Brand Initiatives

Everyone has a favorite color – whether it’s black, blue or violet, colors tend to trigger a response for everyone—both good and bad. That’s because in most human beings, our strongest developed sense is visual and 90% of an assessment for trying out a product is made by color alone. Colors say a lot about […]

Get Personal To Make Your Brand Voice Heard

Your brand voice is a ‘make or break’ marketing element that must resonate with your audience as a real life representation of the brand DNA.  And in our very crowded and competitive brand universe, the standout amongst the set will find its brand voice, define it, and articulate it clearly and effectively across multiple channels.  […]

Internal Communications, A Critical Component for Brand Support

At tpg we know from experience that internal communications is vitally important to support any brand.  And we firmly believe in communication that involves everyone from the office pod to the executive suite, an all-encompassing verbal pipeline that’s acts as a conduit to engage and enthuse all who have a voice in your branding efforts. A […]

Three Steps Toward an Effective Brand Identity Program

Your company’s brand identity is a reflection of how you wish to be − make that must be –perceived by others, most profoundly the consumer.  An effectual and successful brand identity program is all about how you speak to them, how you make them feel. It’s a critical component of your overall business marketing plan […]

Strategic Communication

We’ve all seen it happen, good brands gone bad by what they have said/tweeted/posted publicly. It happens almost instantly, as soon as the ‘post’ button is pressed. Strategic communication is essential when it comes to branding. Without it, things could get messy. For example, KitchenAid had to do some serious damage control on October 4, […]

How to Measure Brand Health

A strong brand identity is essential to any organization, whether large or small. According to James Heaton, blogger for Tronvig Group, “Your brand health is guaranteed to have a significant impact on the consumer awareness of your brand AND your bottom line. A healthy brand is the hallmark of a company or non-profit that is […]

Part 5 of the 5 R’s: Reevaluating

Evaluationary. This fifth installment of tpg’s “5 R’s of B2B Branding” blog series brings our five-part series to a food-for-thought finale with strategies for Reevaluating your marketing success metrics. As marketers it is vitally important for us to be able to select, calculate, and explain key business metrics and how they relate to overall branding. […]

Re-energizing: The Culture Club

Topic number four for tpg’s “5 R’s of B2B Branding” blog series is a call to action that’s all about Reenergizing your brand – and customer response – through a policy of companywide, everybody-on-board inclusion. All inclusive, as in across the entire organization, from product design to sales to invoicing. Consider it a comprehensive org […]

Resonating your message–lies The Brand Promise

Promises, Promises. This third installment of tpg’s “5 R’s of B2B Branding” series is a schematic for B2B brand messaging strategies that will truly resonate with your customers…and within your organization.  And at the core of these tactics — indeed the foundation for Resonating your message–lies The Brand Promise. It’s your commitment to the customer and the definition of what […]

Refining: BCustomerCentric

Welcome to the second installment of our 5-part series that’s all about the art of Business to Business Branding, one which requires a very distinct palette to create what we’re addressing today, a ‘customer centric’ strategic canvas that employs #2 on tpg’s “5 R’s of B2B Branding” list below: 1)     Re-envisioning 2)     Refining 3)     Resonating […]