Corporate Culture + Branding

How an organization works – both as a whole and individually – is essential to understanding the corporate culture.

Corporate culture consists of the understandings, beliefs and values of a company. In a sense, it is the essence of who the company is, and what the company stands for. Everyone feels it, and is actively involved in the certain culture of their company.

Whatever tone the company sets, is the tone that will be carried out through each and every person involved.

But how does the culture affect the organization’s brand? Essentially, they are just two sides of the same coin. At the heart of the organization, is a culture that is shared amongst all employees. The employees understand the company’s expectations, beliefs and values and are able to perform their duties that fall directly in line with those.

When you get the culture right, the brand falls into place. The days of expensive advertising to build a brand are over. The brand is built upon reputation. A satisfied customer tweets about their experience with your organization, and it spreads quickly and to many. Your brand just gained some reputable points because of your employees and the culture with which they work in.

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