Get Personal To Make Your Brand Voice Heard

Your brand voice is a ‘make or break’ marketing element that must resonate with your audience as a real life representation of the brand DNA.  And in our very crowded and competitive brand universe, the standout amongst the set will find its brand voice, define it, and articulate it clearly and effectively across multiple channels.  That voice will be true to its brand identity, meaningful and persuasive to its target audience, and delivered consistently.


And for this brand voice to break through and truly be heard it will be personal and tell a story.

Great brands are all about storytelling and the truly successful brand voice will convey its story compellingly with very human characteristics.  The voice will take its audience inside an experience that is stamped with the personal hallmark of the brand; it will reflect the personality traits of your organization and engage them as most people desire an authentic conversation with brands that honestly speak to them.  And while your audience may not necessarily want you to be their best friend, they do want to hear from you as a trusted brand with which they feel an affinity.

Keep in mind it’s important to stay true to your brand identity and not get carried away with knee-jerk reactions to any bump in the proverbial road (e.g., a momentary slip in sales, company shake ups, etc.) that can alter the brand voice you’ve established.  You must stay authentic to who you are, be consistent with the brand identity you’ve built and don’t go astray with contrived and confusing commentary.


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