Internal Communications, A Critical Component for Brand Support

At tpg we know from experience that internal communications is vitally important to support any brand.  And we firmly believe in communication that involves everyone from the office pod to the executive suite, an all-encompassing verbal pipeline that’s acts as a conduit to engage and enthuse all who have a voice in your branding efforts.


A solid internal communications strategy involves a multi-faceted approach that allows everyone to cultivate and champion the heart and soul of your brand.  It involves day to day interaction in the form of open conversations that aligns everyone and gives them the tools to fortify your brand mission and vision.  And most importantly it designates each and every member of your company as external brand ambassadors who represent your brand and its values whenever they deliver a presentation, are in attendance at a meeting, speak on the phone or send an email.

A formidable internal communications program will encourage collaboration and teamwork that engages from the get-go; to effectively represent the brand and do it well everyone must become engaged from the beginning.  To instigate your internal communication initiative you may wish to consider any, or all, of the following: a company-wide strategy launch announcement by senior management; a branding value proposition handbook; a company newsletter that’s all about your overarching brand strategy.

On a more profound scale a strong internal communications strategy demonstrates to everyone – internally and externally – that your organization is laser focused on all elements of the brand and its audience. It defines your company as one that champions its employees and celebrates their talents vis a vis engagement (and engaged employees typically demonstrate optimized productivity as they act as advocates for the brand).  And with all of that you’ll no doubt see a company culture in which everyone is committed and empowered to ensure the success of the brand.


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