Key elements of non-profit branding

Non-profit brands are not simply fundraising tools. There is more depth to them than just a logo, and they can be very strategic when it comes to supporting the organization’s mission.

While non-profits have a different focus than other brands, the heart is the same. The branding goal is to uphold and support the organization’s mission while engaging stakeholders and building consistency and confidence.

According to the article, “The Secret to Managing Nonprofit Brands,” there are three key pieces of imgadvice to managing brands more effectively.

  1. Start thinking of your brand as more than just a fundraising tool.
  2. Get comfortable with letting go of your urge to control your brand.
  3. Use your brand to further your mission and achieve greater impact through partnerships and collaborations with other organizations that share similar goals.

Your goals are different but in order to be effective, you must learn to sell everything associated with your organization to stakeholders and potential customers in order to achieve success. You want people to take your non-profit seriously and professionally. Use your logo and color scheme across all marketing channels. Make sure to have a consistent mission and strategy. All internal team members need to be knowledgeable about the brand and the vision. And remember to align with companies and other nonprofits that share a similar vision. This will help you amplify your branding impact – whether you are a large or small non-profit.


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