Re-energizing: The Culture Club

Topic number four for tpg’s “5 R’s of B2B Branding” blog series is a call to action that’s all about Reenergizing your brand – and customer response – through a policy of companywide, everybody-on-board inclusion. All inclusive, as in across the entire organization, from product design to sales to invoicing. Consider it a comprehensive org chart where everyone is a top notch marketing strategist inside-out, top-down and bottom-up. Where each and every associate is engaged and vested to ensure your brand initiatives, indeed brand resonance, for both the company and the customer, are crystal clear. Where all channels of communication (i.e. your company associates) work together and a company culture is thus created to bring the branding process to life.

Step 1: The Building Blocks for Inclusion.
Successful B2B branding should not be viewed as the principal domain of the marketing department; you must engage the entire organization in the branding process to bring the idea to life. And creating engagement throughout the company means setting up the right internal branding structure. Cross communicate between all functions from sales, marketing, and operations. Educate and inform all employees about the importance of their roles and responsibilities, no matter their job descriptions, to ensure the most rewarding internal experience for them and of course, branding experience, for the customer. Inform employees about the mechanics of the business model and their impact on that model and reinforce the importance of the marketing strategy and its ability to positively affect the bottom line and in turn their roles in ensuring a positive bottom line.

Step 2: The Power of Brand Ambassadors.
A huge reenergizing shot in the arm for your company culture is the announcement and acknowledgement that everyone in the organization will guard the brand as brand ambassadors. Ambassadors who fully understand and live the brand, who relay engagement and excitement to both their colleagues and your customers. You must articulate their importance and empower them upfront for this reenergization initiative. After all, you’re effectively awarding them the distinction that they are responsible for your external stakeholders’ – customers, investors and suppliers – positive brand experience. And this is not just a feel-good organizational exercise; employee brand advocacy is one of the most important factors in establishing bankable brand equity. Your role in all of this? Encourage thought leadership, celebrate successes and reward them regularly.

Step 3: The Living, Breathing Brand Environment.
Critical for the culture is the organizational alignment of the brand strategy to drive B2B value and customer loyalty. Communication and clarity is key for employee engagement and commitment so they can indeed live and breathe the brand. Collaborate and consult with them from the start; for them to effectively represent the brand and do it well they must become engaged from the beginning and believe in it. Communicate the changing market context, explain the rationale for change and involve them in defining the brand values. And for big time environmental brand reenergization consider a series of kick-off initiatives such as a company-wide strategy launch announcement by senior management, a branding value proposition handbook, a company newsletter dedicated to your overarching brand strategy, and in-your-face office environment branding that reinforces key components of the strategy.

Step 4: Your To Do List.

• Communicate brand reenergizing efforts and inclusionary initiatives upfront for the whole organization;
• Create and implement educational and information-packed forums to engage all employees in the branding process;
• Empower employees with training programs that include topics to enhance leadership, communication and customer experience satisfaction.

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