Resonating your message–lies The Brand Promise

Promises, Promises.

This third installment of tpg’s “5 R’s of B2B Branding” series is a schematic for B2B brand messaging strategies that will truly resonate with your customers…and within your organization.  And at the core of these tactics — indeed the foundation for Resonating your message–lies The Brand Promise. It’s your commitment to the customer and the definition of what matters; your promise to deliver to your customers when they do business with you and what you’ll give them in return. Powerful and profound, the Brand Promise can be a paradigm changer for your B2B branding when you follow the  steps below.  We promise ;-).
Step 1:  Be Specific.
To fulfill its promise, every brand must have a value proposition that resonates with its audience, and to be truly impactful, your value proposition must be articulated with specifics.  Specifics that clearly state the primary customer benefit(s) inherent within your brand promise.  Specifics that explain what you do and how you best meet your customers’ primary needs.  Specifics that tout your expertise and uniqueness in the marketplace and including 1) operational excellence to signify best value equation; 2) exceptional product and or service performance to exemplify best in category; and 3) customer intimacy and emotional connection for personal satisfaction.
Step 2:  Be Unique.
Your Brand Promise should make you a standout within the competitive set.  It should be engaging, invoke curiosity, generate excitement and most importantly, motivate your customers to take action.  Compile a list of your most notable brand attributes that speak to both your current and prospective customers, then determine the ones that will truly resonate as authentic and unique (e.g. profound product innovations, above and beyond 24/7 customer service, et al).  And along with the unique, show a bit of soul…let your brand promise show an unwavering commitment to your customers and let them know how important they are to your business. In many cases, this technique will prove to be the most unique of all.
Step 3: Be Smart.
Do your homework and the legwork required for a strategically smart, sincere brand promise.   The act – indeed, the art – of developing an effective brand promise is far simpler to do in theory versus the actual process.  Brand promise development is a lot of hard work that requires brainpower and dedicated leadership from the top, an all-inclusive process that should involve every cross functional area within your organization. To develop a brand promise that resonates it will take several brainstorming sessions, a lot of competitive and market research, plus intense, extensive investigation into the DNA of your organization. A lot of hard work for sure, yet as with most things that aren’t so easy, it’s an invaluable, and intelligent, experience for everyone involved..
Step 4:  Your To Do List
Be ready to resonate and employ the following:
  •  Develop a solid brand positioning and specific brand promise with action-oriented value proposition statements;
  • Compile a thorough list of the brand assets you own within your competitive set and carefully choose the standouts for the development of a unique brand promise;
  •  Invite and involve everyone in your organization in the process of crafting a convincing and compelling brand promise;
  • Create an ongoing integrated communications vehicle mix to reach and interact with your target markets.
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