Three Steps Toward an Effective Brand Identity Program

brand-identity-logo-explained1Your company’s brand identity is a reflection of how you wish to be − make that must be –perceived by others, most profoundly the consumer.  An effectual and successful brand identity program is all about how you speak to them, how you make them feel. It’s a critical component of your overall business marketing plan and without it in place you’ll likely miss out on making the consumer a dedicated, devoted brand aficionado.

Step 1 – Know your audience.

Sure, you have all the demos and stats that identify your customer yet do you really know who they are? We mean know them, intimately, as if they were a dear friend, a family member, a spouse. After all if you execute your brand identity program properly they’ll ultimately become a member of your organization’s ‘family’.  Get to know them. Invest in behavioral market research, conduct focus groups, create online polls and questionnaires, engage them on your social media channels.

Step 2 – Identify what you do best.

We’d say it’s a pretty good assessment that you aren’t the only one in your category selling to a consumer who is consistently targeted with brand/marketing messaging, deals and offers, etc. etc., day in and day out.  To differentiate yourself and successfully stand out from the crowd let the world know what your brand does best beyond what you sell.  Give them the goods on what sets you apart from the competitive set and make it an integral part of your brand identity strategy.

Step 3 – Reward your audience.

Once your Brand Identity Program is in full swing and you’re seeing the fruits of your labor vis a vis consumer engagement, be sure you acknowledge that engagement and reward them.  These customers have consciously included you in their lives, helped spread the word about you to their friends and colleagues and have proven their loyalty. Your reward can be as involved as the creation of a compelling CRM program that acknowledges the stars they are or as simple as a shout out on social media.

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