Top Things Brands Do To Stand Out

In a world saturated with brands and their messages, it’s often hard to differentiate between them. So how do your make your brand stand out in the endless sea of logos and messages?

According to Cassie Hughes, co-founder and strategy director at Grow Marketing, “You have to figure out what your story and message is. Then you have to get that message out to your target group of customers.”

Hone in on what makes your brand unique – what gives it a competitive advantage? Then, send that out to those you are hoping to target. Here are some ways to make your brand stand out.brand-300x300-2

Connect your brand with current events. Oreo did this on Twitter during the Super Bowl blackout. But make sure it’s relevant. ““Before inserting your voice into the conversation around a holiday or event, make sure it’s relevant and appropriate for your brand,” says Courtney Scott, senior planner at Huge. “Many brands have missed the mark by trying to be topical without thinking it through thoroughly. As a small brand, a great way to gain traction is to join the conversation of other influencers and brands. This allows you to enter the frenzy with a leg up.”

Use swag to tell your story. Give people something that they can take home and will remind them of your brand. Think of something useful that connects back to the essence of your unique brand.

Do good for your community. Serve the area you live in. This will allow people to see the cultural  side of your brand and your customers/clients will see that their loyalty to your brand is resulting in an investment of time and talent in local communities.. They will feel good about supporting your business.

Reach out to influencers. Find people who are influencers within your industry and target those specific people – whether it be local celebrities, bloggers, etc. “The key to get influencers to respond to your product is to treat them as individuals,” says Scott.

Whatever you decide to do – make sure that you are catching peoples’ attention by being different. There is something that makes your brand unique. Capitalize upon that. This will better your chance at catching the eye of potential customers.


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